80 Veterans Own Property at Texas Grand Ranch

Owning land is the American dream. And no one is more deserving of owning land than our Veterans. Therefore, we go the extra mile for our Veterans. All of our land for sale in Texas meets the TVLB finance requirements. We make owning land a very simple process.

A Proud Partnership

We’ve had tremendous success selling our land for sale in Texas in the past year. Because of this, Patten Companies wants to give back to veteran community. We’ve partnered with two foundations working to improve the lives of our Veterans. The PTSD Foundation of America’s Camp Hope, supported by Michael Berry, and Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor. To date, we’ve raised almost $100,000.

Lone Survivor Foundation

The Lone Survivor Foundation bears a similar mission as Camp Hope but its methodology varies. After surviving a harrowing Navy SEAL mission that claimed his comrades, Marcus Luttrell returned to his ranch in Texas. On the same soil that is now Texas Grand Ranch, Marcus started his journey toward healing.

Time in Afghanistan left him a victim of the invisible wounds of war. But Marcus was able to transition to post-military life. He achieved this through holistic healing in his homeland. A step beyond the standard programs offered by the government. In 2010, Marcus established the Lone Survivor Foundation.

“Something about this land and forest makes and breeds warriors. You may come here broken, but you won’t leave broken. The longer you’re here, the harder and stronger, mentally and physically, you get. Starting from the ground you walk on. Welcome to our home.”

Click here to donate to the Lone Survivor Foundation.

Camp Hope

With the support of Patten family friend Michael Berry, Camp Hope provides a safe haven for veterans and their families. Camp Hope is a place Veterans can find help and healing while enduring the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress.

Their 90-day PTSD recovery program offers group lessons and support sessions with other combat veterans. They also provide individual mentoring sessions with a certified combat trauma mentor. Opportunities for involvement in off-site group bonding events are also available. Veterans can also work with businesses and volunteer organizations. This assists with personal healing and helps educate the community about the invisible wounds of war.

Click here to donate to Camp Hope.